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How to Search for the Right Material
I can't find the material I'm looking for!
I can't find the material I'm looking for!

When you can’t find the material you need in Allchemist, do this:

Written by Bine Ledinek
Updated over a week ago

Allchemist is a two-sided platform. On one side raw material suppliers and distributors publish their products portfolio data in the public part of Allchemist so that formulators on the other side can search and quickly get the right materials for their formulation in a convenient way.

This means suppliers and distributors are liable for the accuracy and relevancy of their data.

We strongly encourage suppliers and distributors to be thorough with data entry and contact information as well as with keeping the data always up to date. 

But in real life, things are never 100%. That’s why there’s a possibility that you’ll search for the raw material that is not enlisted in our public lab

What can you do about it?

  • You can notify your supplier about missing raw material in Allchemist. Explain to them why is that info important to you and how will you both benefit out of it.

  • Enter the data on the missing raw material in your private lab. Here is how you can enter data. Try it out, it doesn’t take a lot of time. Once you have it in a digital form, you and your team can use it forever.

  • You can send me an email via this form with all the specification of the material you’re missing, and I’ll make sure it’s digitized asap.

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