Yes, there really is.

In reality, a good (Material) Safety Data Sheet is not older than two years. The (Material) Safety Data Sheet must be regularly revised or changed and supplemented.

Reasons for changing a (Material) Safety Data Sheet may be:

  • changes in the legislation, which stipulates the content and form of a (M)SDS,
  • recipe changes (new composition), which can lead to a different product classification,
  • changes in the classification of individual substances in the product, which can lead to a different product classification,
  • new discoveries about handling the dangerous substance,
  • new results from animal testing and testing in the aquatic environment (toxicological and ecological data),
  • new workplace exposure limits,
  • new definition of the proper protective equipment,
  • ADR novelties (dangerous goods transport).

(M)SDSs are subject of many changes all the time. Literally. Almost every year since 2008, there have been changes in CLP legislation. What’s more, new changes are being announced and prepared as we speak. Now you know that (M)SDSs were never static documents. That was just a myth.

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