5. step: Health & Safety

Learn all about the 5th step of the formulation process.

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In Health & Safety tab you are asked to check applicable additional properties and review hazard (H) statements. This information affects safety data sheets and labels.

In health and safety section you can review and set the hazard statements for your material.

Additional properties may affect labeling, but they mostly apply to end products so you can skip them unless needed.

The more important is the list of hazard (H) statements. This is where you can review calculated hazards and modify them if you like. Please note that hazards are calculated from the composition according to CLP regulation but may differ from actual classification (see CLP regulation).

The list of hazards is by default locked for editing. This means that the list will update automatically if you change anything that affects the classification (i.e. the composition or the parameters). However, if you Enable editing and edit the hazard statements manually, the list will not update automatically anymore. You can switch back to automatic mode by clicking “disable edit”.

Now, you’re almost done. In the next step, we’ll only attach some files and add some information about your product.

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