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Private vs. public material database, what’s the difference?
Private vs. public material database, what’s the difference?

Know the difference between public and private lab.

Written by Bine Ledinek
Updated over a week ago

Allchemist is divided into two parts; public lab and private lab.

Public lab

Public lab is a database of materials that were published by their owners and are available to everyone – Allchemist visitors (unregistered users) as well as registered users.

Visitors can search materials in the public lab and view essential product information. On the other hand, registered Allchemist users can search materials, view detailed product information, directly use these materials in their formulations without opening a single technical or safety data sheet or contact raw material supplier.

Private lab

Private lab is available only to registered users. In other words, It’s your own, private part of the Allchemist platform, available upon registration. In private lab, you can create your own materials and formulations and share them with your colleagues and other people you trust or special accounts/clients.

You are always in control of which products you share and with whom you share them. Moreover, you can also invite your colleagues to your private lab to collaborate with. Again, you are in full control of people you invite and the array of products you share with them.

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