Managing billing account

Learn everything about the billing account and who can be the billing account editor.

Written by Bine Ledinek
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How do I create my billing account?

  • Click on your name in the upper right corner

  • Go to settings

  • Click on the right tab My Billing Account

  • Each user has one billing account assigned to them by default.

How do I assign an admin of my billing account?

You simply assign user as an admin of your billing account by typing in their e-mail as shown below.

Notice: Admin of the billing account will be able to edit billing information, add and delete members of billing account and have access to past and future invoices.

Note: If you are not the one who is putting in the billing information, you will only see to which billing account you belong to – which organization is paying for your subscription and in-app services. Billing account members are not automatically added – you must invite them separately.

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