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Introduction to Allchemist
Data accuracy and reliability
Data accuracy and reliability

Learn more about accuracy and reliability of (M)SDS management system and published data.

Written by Bine Ledinek
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Allchemist is a two-sided platform. 

On one side suppliers and distributors publish their products portfolio data in the public part of Allchemist so that formulators on the other side can search and quickly get the right materials for their formulation in a convenient way.

This means suppliers and distributors are liable for the accuracy and relevancy of their data.

We strongly encourage suppliers and distributors to be thorough with data entry and contact information as well as with keeping the data always up to date. That way they can become and remain a reliable and relevant partner to their existing and future clients.

However, we will continuously keep track of public suppliers’ data and make sure they are reliable partners with updated and accurate data.

Note: Do you have advanced needs with handling your product database? You want your product portfolio to be synced with Allchemist and instantly digitalized with your internal and external working processes? All this is possible. Our team of developers will gladly help you with custom digital solutions. Write to us at with subject “Import our database.”

The accuracy of the (M)SDS system

Chemical regulatory is the core of our business!

BENS Consulting business completely relies on the accuracy of Chemius application as we author up to 4000 (material) safety data sheets monthly. We test the application daily. Our services rely on this application.

We have spent six years developing and testing the (M)SDS management application.

Note: You can read more on the history of BENS Consulting, development of Chemius Expert and testimonials of our partners – from family-owned companies to global enterprises.

Allchemist was continuously tested on numerous occasions during the past three years. So, the results you get should be accurate and reliable. However, at this point, Allchemist is not a full substitute for an expert. Allchemist is a a tool, not a substitute for real lab work. – You should still do the lab work (but that’s what you like to do, don’t you?).

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