Real-life examples of use

Learn how can you use Allchemist in your daily workflow through real-life examples of use.

Written by Bine Ledinek
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Allchemist is a cloud-based software developed for almost everyone working in the paint and coatings industry. We gathered some of its examples of use below.


1. Reformulating the formula

You can use the Allchemist to quickly re-formulate your existing formulation, whether you want to replace the individual material with a more inexpensive one or to be competitive regarding price, hazards, technical properties or final performance of the product.

If you wanted to change or optimize a formulation and check how a change of materials in your formulation will affect parameters like VOC, solids, density, hazards or even price, Allchemist is the right tool for you.

It can help you to make several variations of a formulation and to:

  • quickly calculate and compare prices

  • calculate and compare hazard properties

  • calculate and compare key parameters of formulations.

You can also compare these results to competition.

2. When you know exactly what you need

Sometimes you know exactly what kind of characteristics of a certain material you are looking for. With Allchemist you can simply type the criteria in parametric search, and it will show you all the materials with matching characteristics, as well as very similar ones.


1. Sell more and sell faster

Allchemist cuts down the time it takes you to make a deal.

Put products in Allchemist, share them with your customers, give them key data exactly when they need it and close the deal faster than ever before. All of that without sharing different files, catalogues and extra tech support help!

2. Taking care of special accounts

We know you have those “special” accounts or customers with whom you want to share special materials you normally don’t have in a general product portfolio yet. In Allchemist you can create a separate work group and share special materials and offers with them.


1. Track and manage R&D

If you have many R&D teams spread all over the country or internationally, you can use Allchemist to track and manage their work.

At the same time, they can share their work. This can help to avoid doing the same thing somebody already made. Sounds familiar?

If you want to know more about organizing a team in work groups, please read this article.

2. Custom solutions for digitalization of work processes

Do you have extra needs and wants? Contact us. We can help you with importing your public or private data, connecting Allchemist with your internal system or anything else you need us to do for improving the digitalization of your working processes.

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