What is Allchemist?

Get an overview of Allchemist platform, learn how to use it and what benefits does it bring to your work.

Written by Bine Ledinek
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Before Allchemist, it was impossible for formulators to search for the right material, formulate products, reformulate existing formulations, share their findings with colleagues and create (material) safety data sheets and labels in one simple and secure online platform.

That’s why we developed the only cloud-based platform that enables:

  • Simple search and comparison of raw materials (without manual data processing and waiting for the right information regarding the needed material).

  • Development, optimization, and reformulation of existing formulations (all in one application).

  • Prompt composition and delivery of (material) safety data sheets, labels and safety instructions.

  • Innovative, in-app branded visibility of your products.

  • Effective sales tool and technical support on the spot (shortcut to knowledge).

For formulators:

Allchemist helps you cover the whole development process – from an idea through mixing raw materials, creating a product you long thought of, or fast reformulation process.

Allchemist enables you to get the product to the market in record time. You’ll never have to wait for the right information on materials and manually process its data.

For the first time you now have the ability as a formulator to not only search materials by more than 1000 properties and 120 parameters, but actually “play” with endless possibilities. By putting different materials in your new or existing formulation, you will immediately see a change of hazards and main calculations like density, solids, VOC, pigment/binder ratio and so on. All of that on one screen.

Example: With the parametric search you can easily find an additive with a refractive index around 1.40, of viscosity around 30 mPas and with iodine color number equal to 1 in just seconds.

For suppliers and distributors:

On the other hand, suppliers and distributors can stay connected with their clients (formulators) anytime, anywhere. They can communicate, collaborate and innovate together with their customers in the same, highly secure digital environment.

Think of Allchemist as a fantastic shortcut to knowledge with the complete product portfolio data at your fingertips. With Allchemist you’ll be able to significantly shorten decision-making process by providing the right data at the right time to your clients. You’ll be relevant, fast and helpful business partner.

Your materials will be branded, available to formulators around the globe and your personnel easily contacted – within the platform.

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